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SEO and Keyword Optimization, Amazon Product Detail Page Optimization, A+ Content development, and Storefront for Amazon development are all crucial building blocks to improve your conversions and sales. Let us help you do the heavy lifting!

Optimize Your Amazon Listings And Store

Listing Optimization on Amazon is the foundation of your Amazon Seller business success. It is your opportunity to ensure your products are found in the complex Amazon a10 Algorithm. However, optimizing your Amazon Product Listings and Amazon Store to current standards and best practices is a complex process.  

When done properly, Amazon Listing Optimization is without question the best marketing investment you can make for your Amazon seller business. Optimizing to Amazon’s best practices will improve your product listing’s discoverability and ranking on Amazon.  Our Amazon SEO Experts are ready to help you build a product that converts.

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Amazon SEO Indexing Titles, Bullets, Descriptions & Backend Keywords

This SEO Indexing strategy leverages from our SEO Search Term Optimization to prioritize a keyword hierarchy with compelling copy for maximum indexing and keyword ranking.

In this strategy, we prioritize the optimization with a top down method and shed off words in the order of Title, Bullet Points, Description and finalize with Backend Keywords for the Search Term Field.

Our team of experts at Rock M Roll is equipped with years of experience optimizing Amazon listings and can provide best Amazon listing optimization services.  Here is the process: 

You will also get:  Full Listing Optimization report including Competitor ASINs and Keyword Search Term placement  for your approval and revision. (SEO Keyword Research Required)

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Are your Amazon Product Listings Set Up to succeed?

Optimize your Amazon Product Listing to Rank Higher and Boost Sales

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Our Amazon Listing Optimization Services Include:

Amazon SEO Keyword Research

Our SEO experts use the most current tools to find top-value keywords that are relevant to your product and have the highest match capability with your customer's search objective. The key is identifying keywords with high search volume but low competition. This helps your product's Best Seller Ranking and reduces the competition from mega sellers in your category.

SEO-Rich Product Titles

Our team of experienced copywriters can create product titles to rank in the search results and convince shoppers to click. You want customers to find your product easily and create compelling titles that are indexed using clear keywords that your customer is looking for and that will maximize your listing rankings and conversions.

Product Bullets and Feature / Benefits

Amazon Product Bullets are also an opportunity to use keywords to rank higher in customer search results. The bullet points allow you to highlight your key selling features and product benefits. They also are a great opportunity to give your customer an understanding of what to expect with their purchase, and reduce returns. We will effectively and creatively optimize your high-opportunity keywords into your bullets that convey a clear understanding of your product to your customers.

Compelling Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions are yet another opportunity to include keywords to help improve the ranking of your listings. We write creative product descriptions that are SEO-rich and add value to your customer’s shopping experience. All of the content is written exclusively for each listing to capture the uniqueness of your product offering, provide facts and answers to frequently asked questions and to help guide your customer to make a purchase decision.

Backend Search Term Optimization

Leveraging from our keyword research and amazon buying trends we create a detailed list of backend search terms. This includes identifying the long-tail and targeted keywords, local and customer specific language translations, and other best practices to enhance your product’s discoverability and ranking.

Product Categorization

When listing a new product or optimizing an existing product it is imperative to follow Amazon Product Guidelines and requirements from the get go. We do the research to make sure your product listing is categorized correctly, approved by Amazon and also easily found by your customer for a seamless search-to-purchase process.

Additional SEO & Design Optimization

Amazon A+ Content

If your brand is registered on Amazon, then you are ready to launch your product to next level with Enhanced Brand Content (A+). This advertising privilege allows you to create compelling and creative enhanced images & graphics, videos and other content that will help build on your product features and benefits to help steer your customer to a purchase decision.

Build Your Store

Building brand awareness and customer loyalty takes time. We will help you captivate your audience through a compelling Amazon Storefront and Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) in your listings.

Image Optimization

Amazon best practices look for products to include multiple photos of the product in the listing. This is one of the most important investments in your product listing. Your main product photo is the first image your customer will see. And, you have less than 2 seconds for a customer to decide to either click on your product image or another listing in the search results. Our expert image team will help you create an image gallery that is compelling, meets Amazon’s strict guidelines and also increases the customers perception of your product quality and value.

Product Review Management

Less than 1% of Amazon Customers leave product reviews. Yet, Product Reviews are one of the main influencers for customers making a purchasing decision. Potential buyers do not want to purchase an item that hasn’t been reviewed by a customer yet or that has lower than 4.3 stars. We find opportunities to improve your customer experience and your overall product ratings.

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