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Looking for an online business growth marketing agency that is different? That understands the uniqueness of your business model and how to strategically get you to achieve your online business goals? That provides A+ level online business consultation with a no-risk strategic business analysis to outline immediate and long term strengths for growing your sales?

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RockMRoll is a network of the best eCommerce experts in the industry and we create strategies to help you sell more! Our team of full-service Amazon account managers, online marketers, UX/UI specialists, and full-stack developers will provide you with cohesive, profit-driven growth strategies and training to help you achieve and surpass your sales goals.

Who Are We?

RockMRoll is a client-side profit and results driven marketing agency.  We take pride in our customers' business as if it were our own. When our clients do better, we do better! So, you receive the best return from your marketing investment.

Our Methodology

There are no cookie-cutter approaches to our process.  We are dedicated to helping you find the unique strengths within your eCommerce, B2B or online business model to create strategic and profitable revenue growth goals.

Why Choose Us?

We do the research to understand your specific  business growth goals from the start. We will help you gauge what is working and where improvements can be made to help you achieve your online business growth goals and amplify your profitability!

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The Problem

Most Traditional Online Business Marketing Methodologies Don't Fit Your Unique Needs Or Match Your Goals
All businesses have very unique business models and processes.  The problem RockMRoll has detected is that the majority of most digital marketing agencies aren’t normally focusing on the unique processes within each individual business model or individual process. Instead, most agencies offer a marketing strategy that is literally a “cookie-cutter” process of copying and pasting a business name over a template sales document and trying to persuade a prospect to sign up for as many client services as possible.  If the shoe fits, it may give you a return on your investment.  However, we all know that one size does not fit all.  Hence, the reason most marketing campaign efforts in these types of campaigns either fail or have a very short attrition rate.

The Solution

Defining Processes Targeted At Your Specific Online Business Needs And Development Of Strategies To Support Long Term Growth.
The solution to standard marketing investment failure or lack of return is simple.  The answer is to develop customized business growth marketing strategies focused on unique business processes.  We have defined and come to understand that the businesses which realize the highest returns from their online business growth marketing investment follow six simple practices.  These practices involve specific processes and the people that are assigned to them. As a result, the RockMRoll 6-D process was created to develop a laser focus on the practice of these successful process disciplines to maximize returns on growth marketing investment.  However, the 6-D process can be applied to a process as simple as making your own breakfast!

The RockMRoll 6-D Process For Successful Online Business Growth

The RockMRoll 6-D Process was developed after over 20 years of building effective business growth strategies for online businesses.  Over the years of working for agencies, clients and running our own businesses, we found that most online businesses tend to work with agencies that offer a “cookie-cutter” package approach to their marketing efforts.  What this means is that if your business model or process fits into their package of core marketing channels then you most likely will experience a measurable return on investment.

These are the six principles we follow to help you Rock Your Online Business Growth:



Step 1 is to schedule a Free Consultation Call to determine what online marketing goal we want to achieve and to the processes within the online business model. With a deeper understanding of the online  business, processes and stakeholders involved we can detect and choose which process to examine for possible growth. We then gather information and further analyze the process to detect business process growth potential.



Step 2 is to define the target customer’s problem or need and how we can solve the problem as efficiently and cost effectively as possible within the business process. We then organize the top strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats we might face while solving our customer’s problem. With this information realized, we plan and map process options, define possible outcomes and expected results, assign stakeholders and set actions to begin design of the growth process opportunity.



Step 3 is to create the design of the growth opportunity.  Our attention is now focused on bringing the process definitions we have made to actual application and automating business decisions, processes and client experiences. This involves moving into action with a series of discovery stages in which we move from blueprint to final process design.  The ultimate result being a final revision of a process design that will be used for deployment and testing of the growth opportunity.



Step 4 is the development of the growth process into a final  design. This is the actual construction of the applications and designs that will be used in the process and the testing of the final product. It is important to thoroughly test new processes prior to deploying them into our operations. We use the information that we learn from our tests to make changes. Test the process again. Continue with this process until we are satisfied that our processes will stand up to real world challenges and not disrupt ongoing business operations.



Step 5 is to deploy the new growth process.  Designs, applications, integrations and training of  the people involved in the growth process are all launched. Close attention is focused here on providing stakeholders, employees and/or outsourced agents with the support they need to be successful.  As soon as the process is operational, systems are set in place to begin testing the process for key permanence indicators that will help measure the overall performance.



Step 6 is to measure, evaluate and deliver a report of the results of the new process.  The goal is not only to complete and deliver the final process. But, to continue to prove the success and improve the process on an ongoing basis. This involves identifying possible inefficiencies within the process and considering ways in which to improve the process. We then take our findings and start back at Step 1. The takeaway goal in the process is to help you adopt a company culture that’s aimed at constantly looking for and carrying out process improvements for maximum business growth potential.

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